Membership Chiropractic



Includes Consult, Exam, and Adjustment

Regularly $90

Membership Chiropractic

Makes it easier to maintain your health and simplifies the time and effort to get care regularly.

Low monthly fees for unlimited chiropractic visits

Eliminates the need for appointments

Most folks will save money using our fee system
- with or without insurance

Have a family? We offer discounts for families.

Why Membership Chiropractic?

Most of my patients know my goal is lifetime wellness chiropractic care for families.

An Aha Moment:

I was cleaning out old files of patients I don't see anymore and found that it was WAY more people than I thought. This struck me hard because I wasn't serving this community the way I had set out to do in the beginning.

As I was reminiscing about these past patients, it became obvious that most people had stopped coming because there were just too many obstacles to care in my office, a big one being money, and NOT because they didn't want or value chiropractic care.

Maintaining What is Right

I recommend everyone get their spine and nerve system checked at least weekly for life, more when needed. Many new patients are skeptical, thinking doctors are for treating disease or symptoms. Why should anyone come forever, especially if they feel fine?

I get adjusted twice a week, I check my kids and wife weekly, and we get extra adjustments when we are sick, or hurt, etc, not to treat symptoms, but to maintain the highest function and health possible.

"Watch my family and me for a month and see how we live"

 My oldest son by the age of 11 had received approximately 700 adjustments in his life.

Why? Because chiropractic is about maintaining what is right, not about fixing what’s wrong.

Chiropractor Paul Price headshot
Dr. Paul Price, Healing Choice Chiropractic

Simple Idea, But Tough to Explain Membership Chiropractic

What do you love about
your profession?


Health is the natural state of living things, not disease.

The principle is simple - just remove blockage to normal function and health and vitality should be the natural outcome.

The simplicity of this philosophy can  be challenging.  It’s almost too difficult for people to believe because we have been indoctrinated as a society to not question medicine and to expect instant fix. Most people won’t give chiropractic enough time to change their body.

What things make you crazy or challenge you when it comes to your chiropractic practice?


Education about the Value of Adjustments

Educating people to understand what an adjustment really does.
That its not a treatment, it is a health practice for optimizing all function and therefore, health.

You have to live it for a long time to see the power of it.


I've never felt better! Dr. Price has helped me with a hamstring injury that was bothering me for 10 plus years. Now I'm pain free. Thanks Dr. Price!
Dan Smith
Without Dr. Price my life would be full of pain and discomfort. But, regular visits keep me feeling amazing!
Thanks again Dr. Price!!
We came to Dr. Price as "health maintenance" patients. He's been doing a wonderful job! Also he is our "go to" resource whenever we have questions about our health needs. He is very knowledgable and helpful. Thanks, Dr. Price!