Why Membership Chiropractic?

A few years ago, I had an epiphany about my practice.  Most of my patients, past and present, know that
my goal has always been lifetime wellness chiropractic care for families

Here’s the epiphany: I was cleaning out old files of patients I don't see anymore and found that it was WAY more people than I thought.  This struck me hard because I wasn't serving this community the way I had set out to do in the beginning. 

As I was reminiscing about these past patients, it became obvious that most people had stopped coming because there were just too many obstacles to care in my office, a big one being money, and NOT because they didn't want or value chiropractic care. 

this is why membership chiropractic.  I remember telling a new patient a while back that I recommend everyone get their spine and nerve system checked at least weekly for life, more when needed.  Like many, he was skeptical because he only thought doctors were for treating disease or symptoms.  So why should he come forever, especially if he felt fine?  Well, I said to him "what if you could watch my family and me for a month and see how we live"?  I explained that I get adjusted twice a week, I check my kids and wife weekly, and we get extra adjustments when we are sick, or hurt, etc, not to treat symptoms, but to maintain the highest function and health possible. I told him my oldest son by the age of 11 had received approximately 700 adjustments in his life. Why? Because chiropractic is about maintaining what is right, not about fixing what’s wrong.

After that conversation, I realized that MY family lives that way, that every chiropractor I know does the same thing, but most of our patients do not, again, because of all the barriers to getting chiropractic care on a regular basis.

I removed those obstacles and changed my practice to a membership practiceI have simplified the fee system to one of low monthly fees for unlimited chiropractic visits for individuals and families.  We're also eliminating the need for appointments so that you can come when it fits YOUR schedule.  Because this format requires a lower overhead, I could no longer afford to deal with insurance companies.  But after looking over our files and considering changes in how insurance companies are making it more difficult to actually use your insurance, we've realized that most folks will save money using our new fee system. And anyway, I did not go into chiropractic to work for insurance companies, I did it to work with you, my patients.