For AS LOW AS $99 A Month!  

No doubt that this is the plan you are looking for!  
It's the best we offer and could literally save you thousands of dollars a year. 


  • Month to Month Auto-Debit: $129/Mo
  • 12 Month Commitment Auto Debit: $99/mo
  • Annual Payment: (one month free) $1,100/Year  


  • Month to Month Auto-Debit: $169/Mo
  • 12 Month Commitment Auto Debit: $149/mo
  • Annual Payment: (one month free) $1,650/Year  

Families: (3+ members of your family living in same household, up to 2 adults, kids under 18)

  • Month to Month Auto-Debit: $229/Mo
  • 12 Month Commitment Auto Debit: $199/mo
  • Annual Payment: (one month free) $2,200/Year  

Start-Up Plan

If you are new to Chiropractic or it has been awhile since you've enjoyed the benefits of regular Chiropractic care, we also offer this plan.  It is a trial membership that allows you to come in "kick the tires" and receive as many adjustments as you need during your 1st month.

The Start-Up Plan is for New Clients, One-Time Only.  The fee is only $149 and there is:
  • Unlimited visits for first 30 days
  • No commitment or auto-debit required

At the end of your trial period, you will have the opportunity to continue your care at an extremely affordable rate by taking advantage of our regular membership options!

* Please remember that we are only able offer these excellent membership prices by reducing administrative costs and having payments automatically deducted via auto-debit to your credit/debit card or EFT from your checking account.  See
the Faq’s for more details or email any questions.

We encourage you to be checked at least once-a-week (
Why once a week?), but if you need more than that, additional spinal checks are included at no additional charge.


We understand memberships may not for everyone.  If you would rather pay "per-visit", we'll check your spine as often as you wish.  Our per-visit fee is often the same or even lower than many insurance co-pays, without any of the hassle.

*Only $40/visit--paid at the time of service.  We accept cash, check or credit/debit card.

Why A Practice Membership?

Why a practice membership?  Well, our membership offers UNLIMITED spinal check-ups (and adjustments as needed) and is based on the understanding that everyone can benefit from regular chiropractic care, whether they have the symptoms of a medical condition or not.  Every man, woman and child should be able to find and afford quality chiropractic care, and use it for the rest of their lives improve and maintain health and live a better quality and quantity of life.  We offer both an awesome membership plan and a low per-visit option to fit your lifestyle and your budget!
  • *Please note that in order to eligible for a practice membership, you must attend The Orientation Talk.

To schedule a 1st Visit for you and/or your family, simply give us a call at 303-347-1112, send an
email or come to The Orientation Talk!